Reef-Rite Headsail Furlers and Accessories

Available in the USA Exclusively from Desktop Wings Inc.

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When it comes to excellence in sailing, the world looks to New Zealand. It’s no surprise that Kiwi sailors were on all the top boats in the 32nd America’s Cup competition. And if you want the best roller furling headsail hardware for your boat, you’ll want to look to New Zealand, too.

The Reef-Rite Reefing Company is located at Kerikeri in the beautiful Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

This location is a favorite "wintering over" spot for South Pacific cruisers and it is the continual discussion between Reef-Rite and the cruising community that has provided the impetus for improvements to Reef-Rite's early furlers, culminating in the current Reef-Rite furling system.

The first furler designed by Reef-Rite saw the light of day in the 1980s and has seen vast design and materials improvements in the years since then.

Like most New Zealand designed and manufactured marine equipment, the Reef-Rite system is built to last in the often boisterous sailing conditions common in their part of the world.

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