Reef-Rite Headsail Furlers and Accessories

Available in the USA Exclusively from Desktop Wings Inc.

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Kiwi Slides fit securely in the slot in your furler's foil.


Kiwi Slides are normally sewn to the sail luff or can be laced through eyelets, and are actually stronger than the sail itself. They provide 50% less friction than luff tape when hoisting or lowering a headsail.Kiwi Slides make it easy to "hank on" a roller furler sail.

By using Kiwi Slides you have a captive luff at all times — the same as with hanked-on sails — which allows you to load or unload one sail while the other is working, if you have a double-groove luff extrusion. For short-handed crew, the captive luff means easy and safe sail-handling for single and twin sails.

Sail conversion is easier and cheaper than luff tape. More than 3,500 sails have been fitted with Kiwi Slides; ask your sailmaker to use them for your next sail conversion instead of luff tape.

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