Reef-Rite Headsail Furlers and Accessories

Available in the USA Exclusively from Desktop Wings Inc.

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Kiwi Slides are manufactured from Dupont Zytel FE15015, a glass filled nylon, with heavy Dacron tape tails (also available with extra long tails).


Model Foil Groove Breaking Strain (pounds)
6/40 6 mm 506
7/50 7 mm 616
8/60 8 mm 880
9/70 9 mm 1,210
11/11 11 mm 1,430
12/12 12 mm 1,430

Note: The above breaking strain tests were carried out on Reef-Rite foil extrusions. During the tests, the extrusion began to spread before any sign of Kiwi Slide failure. Foil extrusions from other manufacturers may not reach these figures.

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